Bev Rogers in the wheelhouse of her Dutch Barge, Tijdstroom with her Bevs Eco Products collection Tijdstroom

About Bev

I'm based in the lovely town of Woodbridge, Suffolk where I live on a Dutch Barge with my husband and two children. I work part time for Suffolk Wildlife Trust and  am passionate about protecting our planet, in particular reducing our reliance on single use plastic.
I started making beeswax wraps in January 2018 and having been a bee keeper for a number of years I put my saved wax and favourite pieces of crafting fabric to good use. I initially made wraps for friends and family and quickly expanded to supplying my favourite local stores and farm shops. Not wanting to waste the offcuts of material I have now put those to good use in my other eco products.
Thank you for supporting local, zero waste products.

Bevs Eco Products beeswax wraps and cove

About Wraps

Beeswax wraps are the ideal replacement for cling film and tin foil. They are made with 100% cotton coated in a mix of Suffolk beeswax, organic oil, and pine resin. Use them to cover food, dishes, wrap up packed lunches, bread, snacks and leftovers. Simply wrap around your food or dish. The warmth of your hands will allow the wrap to stick to itself. Wash in cool water with a mild detergent to re-use again and again. After a few months you can freshen your wrap by pasteurising it in the oven.