A letterbox size gift of 'Make your own Wax Wraps' with either Beeswax or Vegan plant waxes.


Kit contains:

2 x 40g blocks of wax mix - precise mix of beeswax, organic carrier oil and pine resin. All beeswax is sourced locally and is sustainable.

2 x 40g blocks of veganwax mix - precise mix of plant waxes (NOT Soy or Palm Oil), organic carrier oil and pine resin.

One block is the perfect amount for the fabric included. The second block is to refresh your wraps at a later date or make more with your own fabric.

Baking Parchment - 68 x 33cm
Small Grater
3 Fabric squares 20cm, 25cm and 30cm
Instructions for iron and oven method


Make your own Wax Wraps - DIY Kit

Wax mix

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