An eco friendly letter box gift for people who care about our planet, filled with sustainable and reusuable products; Cotton Face Wipes, Bamboo Face Wipes, Nail Varnish Remover Pads, Cotton Headband, and a Grapefruit and Geranium Hair and Body Bar.

Cotton Face Wipes

Pack of 4 reusable, gently exfoliating face wipes. Handmade from cotton towelling and 100% cotton print. Ideal for cleansing.Size: 9cm x 9cm (3.5" x 3.5")


Bamboo Face Wipes
Pack of 4 reusable, luxuriously soft face wipes. Made from bamboo towelling and 100% cotton. The perfect alternative to disposable wipes and cotton pads.
Size: 9cm x 9cm (3.5" x 3.5")

Care Instructions:
Machine washable at 40°C. However, washing at 30°C saves 40% energy compared to a 40°C wash.

Nail Varnish Remover Pads
Pack of 4 reusable nail varnish remover pads made from 100% wool felt sourced in the UK. They are the perfect alternative to disposable cotton pads. Apply the nail varnish remover directly to the pad and rub the nails to remove varnish.
Size: 90cm x 90cm x 2mm (3.5" x 3.5")

Grapefruit and Geranium Hair and Body Bar (30g)

Handmade in Suffolk by 'The Guilt Free Soapery'
- Plant based, organic, handmade cold processed soaps with ethics at heart. Zero waste, no palm oil (ever!), compostable packaging. We take sustainability seriously.

Gift boxes come wrapped in tissue paper with a sprig of scented dried lavender. Please let me know if you have any colour preferences for fabrics.

Self Care Letter Box Gift