A pair of handcrafted 100% linen pocket warmers are ideal for winter, double stitched for extra strength.  They are filled with local Suffolk wheat and lavender.
Available in four lovely colours.

A perfect gift for yourself if you get chilly hands. At this time of year they make great stocking fillers or Secret Santa.

To use as wamers simply microwave for 20 seconds. Full instructions on the label.
They can also be put in the freezer or fridge to be used as cold packs to target pain relief.
Great for soothing tired eyes.


Wheat & Lavender Pocket Warmers

    • Surface clean only.
    • Do not use if the wheat bag smells burnt.
    • Microwave for 20 seconds then carefully touch test. If needed continue to heat in 10 second increments.  
    • Do not use if fabric is damaged.
    • Allow to cool before reheating.